Reviews for "Duke Dashington"

WOooahh! this game is inspired by the wario games right? pls tell me im right XD

This brought a retro feeling to me. This game is very addicting. Good job!

A very great game, (Great music, graphics, and gameplay,) but it feels to much like Wario land 4 for it to be called, "100% original" to me.

Please make more levels! :)


Great graphics - really could have been playing a classis 90s platformer. Nice variety of levels, each with its own kind of puzzles. The time limit makes you think. Extremely smooth controls.

Challenging but not impossible - though I haven't tried making it through without losing a life. None of the level designs are impossible to design a strategy to solve them, and the controls are good enough that it's not too frustrating to implement the strategy once you know what it is.

Strongly recommended.