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Reviews for "Unfographics"

i don't know how much time you invested in this project, but i liked it anyway. i had a bit of a hart time at level 2(which isn't negativ at all)

i would have played even more levels, i really like the way you have to think to solve those levels

keep going on nice work dude

i put the iceberg in the equatorial line and then i got nothing to click on the 2nd level

Great concept, but enough glitches to warrant the death penalty. I got stuck on the gravity level and can't restart the level. I cried.

it was a decent game the art was great the ways to get to the next level was great the rotating right click was horrible do to the fact that you cant pass the 2nd level if this was fixed then this would be a 5 star game.

FernandoBarba responds:

In the second level you have to put the iceberg in the equatorial line :D

Skippy music
Bad grammar
2nd level makes no sense

FernandoBarba responds:

At least i tried :p