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Reviews for "Unfographics"

Awesome Game, still having a bit of trouble with the Mac track Pad on the Energy level. It somewhat worked yesterday I was able to beat the Level and got half way through Gravity before I had to quit. look forward to being able to play it through

on the gravity level, fuck it up by getting to the right with none of the boxes. but wait, one of the boxes is sliding around the moon. it falls and somehow starts sliding down the arrow and falls off the bottom point. it starts bouncing and gaining height every time it does. i wait for 2 minutes until it is high enough for me to jump off it into the door. i make it, but somehow glitch through the arrow so im standing on the other side of it. character says i'm glad its over, but here we are, unable too move and stuck in the level. 10/10 would fuck up physics again.

Can't go past the gravity infographic due to the character glitching through the dotted line in which the goal is standing. after seemingly phasing throug what's supposed to be a solid object the character gets stuck and is unable to move, and the dialogue box stating "I'm glad this is over" or something like that leads me to believe that the game thinks the level is finished but at the same time it isn't. Quantum glitching at it's finest :p
Love the concept, although it still needs some work here and there.
Level 2 isn't THAT hard dammit!

FernandoBarba responds:

Thx! yes, it have a lot of glitches, and have a lot to polish, in my defense, i did it in a big rush in 5 days only :D

just like everyone else i cant get past level 2 and i'm not able to rotate the iceberg but i did like what i could play please see if you could fix this

FernandoBarba responds:

(copypasting the answer :p) This is weird, half of the people complaing that it is too easy, the other half too hard XD
You have to drop the iceberg in the ecuator, on left side :D

fun little game to go through with a hilarious ending.