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Reviews for "Unfographics"

I have to say it as not worth me having to restart the game so many times. I did not care too much for the music, I would have liked a mute button. Aslo, really easy and boring puzzles, where the hardest part is just figuring where to drag stuff. I also found the ending kind of lame. It's a shame, because this really is a great concept for a game, just not executed that well. I feel like if you were to expand the game, in length and variety, you could make a fantastic game.
I will give a hints, the information on the second level is all pertinent, except for one; the nuclear symbol is important; the boxes are a red herring, look for everything you can change.

FernandoBarba responds:

Thx! Thx! yes, it have a lot of glitches, and have a lot to polish, in my defense, i did it in a big rush in 5 days only :D
And about the difficult, half of the people found the game really hard, other really easy. My intention was to make it easy, to be more like an exploration game. i will maybe make a full game out of this, with lots of maps and scaling difficult and tips :)

A good idea executed poorly. Could do with a zoom out button and more of a tutorial.

Well thought out, but I can't seem to get past the 3rd level with the energy. Help?

Hint for level 2: move iceberg to left side of dashed line and then swap numbers. Level 3 btw is impossible with a laptop unless there is an attached mouse (make a keyboard rotation key to be more fair next time). Despite original concept game is frustrating/

The game is good, but difficult to play on a laptop. More content and music would make it better.