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Reviews for "Goblin Treasure Hunt"

providing an option to sell all items and equipment slot is needed.

Fun Fun. Only thing I needed was an auto sell below Level X upgrade. At the end you are screening level 1-10 items, 16 items at a time. That's simply too slow, when you already have best items and are just waiting for the final 10000 items achievement. Especialy since you cant see anywhere how far along you are. 10 minutes? 3 hours? So I wont be doing the final achievement. Otherwise, the game is great for what it is, so 4 stars from me.

I don't know if this is a bug or not but I fought the elite Excalibur but didn't get the achievement until much later when I actually found the legendary one which is much weaker than the elite one.

Fun game, just wished it gave you a checklist of sorts to see what items/weapons you still needed to collect in order to have the complete set. Like other people mentioned, the Law of Attraction stopped working once I closed the game down and didn't start back up even after purchasing an upgrade.

I don't like game like this, I mean clicker games, but this game has good quality and I love the music!
This game is addictive! :D

diploms1 and wooood, good job!