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Reviews for "Goblin Treasure Hunt"

excellent. this was a fun game.

I was most impressed by the presentation. it's very textured and there's a lot going on, which is a must for games that are repetitive. my favourite textures were that found on the protagonist because it appeared 3D. more visuals like that would have made more of the game appear alive.

I would sure love to break that treasure chest, and work my way up to more valuable chests in other locations rather than smashing the same box in the same place. at the end you feel like get nowhere.

it was great to have other things to do other than button bash the treasure chest, but it would have been a more fluid experience if they could be connected in some way other than going back and fourth between battle mode and treasure collecting mode. they could guard certain treasure chests or locations that hold certain treasure chests; enemies could jump in the way of the treasure chests forcing you to fight it and build combat experience before collecting gold again.

rather than making it another thing to purchase, it would have been more organic if the character's appearance changed in proportion with combat progression and wealth collection i.e. the more powerful and wealthy he gets the more powerful and wealthy he appears.

Too much garbage going on in the background
Too many moving parts that bogs down the game

Terribly done


You should be ashamed of this garbage.

Overall a nice game, not really sure if I finished it or not. It's pretty confusing..

I really enjoyed the game! I played all the way through and saw no Major bugs. The game-play was fun and put a spin on this style of game. One thing to improve upon might be making the combat a little different like enabling a health bar so the monster can hit you back. Also give the game some appeal after you beat it because once you finish you can just fight the old monsters which has no point because you have nothing to spend gems or coins on. All in all it was a good game, keep it up!

Nice game, though somehow i can't click the items and coins, so really its just a destroy the monsters to get the gold and buy fairies with it game.
I liked the music too.