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Reviews for "Impossible Hardy"

I scored a 3 and so shall you.

keybol responds:

can't you score a 5? just 2 more I know you can do it!

I also feel bad giving this a low score, because it seems you put some thought into how you wanted this game to play and in what manner the level design was going to challenge the player. The problem is, I just don't find it fun. It's like a mouse wall-avoidance game mixed with a runner that moves a bit too fast mixed with a platformer with impossible jumps and too many spikes.

I expected it to be frustrating due to the description, but when I died just by hitting the the face of the first block (later I noted all the tiny spkes) , I was like, "Uh oh..." It didn't get much better. I haven't gotten past the first 10 seconds of a game after 100 attempts, something isn't right. A truly challenging game allows you master it with persistence, presenting you with harder and harder objectives as you progress. I guess the point of this game was to be nearly impossible from the start. But it leaves me wondering, "What's the point?" I never got more than three coins, and suddenly realized that even though I was memorizing patterns, timing, and mechanics, I somehow wasn't getting any better at the game.

I do want to give you points for making one of the toughest games on the website. The gameplay is actually very smooth, which I appreciate. Others have complained about the control or the jumping delay, but I didn't see any issues. There's no to crappy control or laggy gameplay. The game runs really well. The level design is nasty and every aspect of the mechanics are tweaked just enough to make the game unbeatable. You even keep the level randomly shifting to keep the player from developing a good rhythm as the attempts pile up. But in the respect, the game is more of a gimmick to me. It's a like a side show attraction; you go to see the freaks, but you don't want to stay too long or look too hard.

However, you seem to have been very successful in hat you attempted. :-)

keybol responds:

Thank you for the appreciation. I like how you point out that there's no jumping delay or anything. It's the level design that is sinister. Plus the random shifting that makes it punishing. I believe I have made a "DIFFICULTY LINE" instead of the usual Difficulty Curve presented in games where the more you play the more you get better. Here it is like the first you played it, like a game in the casino. Sometimes it gives you a winning combination sometimes it gives you a really brutal one. The combination where it gives you an alternating block where you have to walk by pass the gap still sometimes get me.

There are 6 patterns that randomly appears, and after it you get a break where it says SPEED UP although it will only put the game 1 FPS faster. The break plus the anticipation gets the players after that, breaking his flow. You can check out the highscores to see how people are beating the game.
JosefEliasson is so good at this he shared to me what was the most difficult set of blocks and that he gets better 1 point. I still get 0 or 1 and feel really good to sometimes do a consistent streak of 6 which is still very hard. Again it's because of the DIFFICULTY LINE instead of making a DIFFICULTY CURVE.

Oh by the way, there are 2 youtube plays of the game which shows a playthrough of the game and them making rage comments. It's genuine and that makes it more funny. It may be a sideshow attraction that will only get your attention for a few moments, but you can tell and freak out your friends and get some fun seeing them enjoy or rather rage at this sideshow freak of a game.

Thank you for playing and the comment!

Not too bad, but the jumping seems a little off. At times Hardy will jump straight up and other times he seems to take a leap forward. And some of the blocks I just can't clear. Ah well, try, try, try again.

keybol responds:

Thank you! Just keep on trying! Also for the jumping straight up, it's explained above. Simply, you may have hit a corner of a block and it's giving you a chance to catch up instead of just dying right away.

This game is fun and addictive :P , my best score is 2 after 75 round xD

keybol responds:

thank you!
Not bad as your best score yet :D

Sometimes when i push enter it doesn't start again. Also i think when i push W and Space rapidly i jump higher or do a double jump. Not really an issue just thought i'd tell you. Good game

keybol responds:

EDIT: I fixed it!
hey thanks for the input! I'm going to fix it now.