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Reviews for "Impossible Hardy"

I would call it "boring ; dumb ; stupid " instead of hardy.

keybol responds:

Impossibly Stupid sounds like a good game title

try 24 1 coin
try 61 2 coin
try 291 3 coin

Lets just say my learning curve wasn't fast. The game was very excellent. The music stopping when you die and starting again when you started was comical. What I noticed was that after you jump once, there was a delay of a certain amount of time till you could jump again. It wasn't long, but I noticed while tapping the space rapidly over and over and it only reacts every half second or something. Im sure that is probably planned out, so I will give you 5 instead of the original 4.5 i planned.
If you changed it to go off whenever you hit the space bar I could cut those numbers in half. I was very determined to get three gold.

The biggest difficulty was the single steps. You had to time where you lept from in order to match when you landed so you wouldn't knick the spikes while trying to jump over. It is indeed one of the hardest i have ever played, ranking top ten for me.

I also don't seem to be getting any medals, but that problem is on my side i think. its been doing that for a while.

This game is so hard I can't get 3 points.

Total High Score of 4 points oh man.

No but really, while this game was sort of fun for the first 100 deaths or so? It's just a less playable impossible game ripoff. Not saying that's bad because I love that style of games immensely but the thing is that game was difficult based on the limitations and setup of the level itself, not because your character is for some reason absolutely inept at jumping.

I feel like this game would definitely be more enjoyable if it was the level difficulty and strategy that was challenging, rather than your own characters lack of ability.

Then again I spent like twenty minutes on like four points so I probably can't say much.

I can't even get a score of 1. I'm rage quiting. You have truly made an impossibly hard game.