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Reviews for "Impossible Hardy"

Just following the Happy Birds formula with Canabalt gameplay. Make something super hard so people will want to keep trying. Nothing new, nothing original, nothing exciting.

F@!K YOU!!!! Addicting and fun and AAAAAAAAAAAAAHH YOU @S zS!T

keybol responds:

hahahaha, I feel your pain :D

This is a pretty good concept but i think even tho its pixelated the graphics need to be a LITTLE better and you kinda need to make the character just a little higher to make it LESS impossible.
But good work anyway!

keybol responds:

Thanks a lot! Yeah, maybe the art needs some tuning. Maybe for another game?

After countless tries, I've only made it till 3 coins. This is really hard :(

keybol responds:

still a lot better than 2! the funniest comment I heard was "I almost had 2! Almost had 2!" hahaha
Also, others goal is just to get 2. So 3 is far from overachieving. At least in this game.

It's fun and simple, but the hit box of the spikes on the ground is ridiculous. They're half the size of a box, why is their hit box area the same?