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Reviews for "Impossible Hardy"

I got to 2. Very derivative as far as these things are concerned, but enjoyable for a few minutes.

keybol responds:

not many made 2! you should be proud! it's derivative but one of the new things here is the hand made level design that made look impossible but if you think about it, it's doable and some are actually easier than they look

Cool. I like the visual, the sounds, but lets face it:

this is simply YET ANOTHER tap based game which requires extreme accuracy, but has very faulty collision detection.

keybol responds:

hey thanks for the comment!

I honestly really enjoyed this game, the second video link is my video xD. After making the video I realized it is pretty much impossible. I think that I will be making more videos in the future with this game. Its very fun to play if you get mad easily. Thanks for making this :D

keybol responds:

Hi there! Thank you for making the video! It's really awesome and funny :D

very fun game. I tried this game while it was under review. It took me awhile to figure out each of the 6 jumps, but found there was some really messed up combinations. The one with a ton of spikes and the far jump is the easiest and was the first one I figured out. The hardest is the one where you jump over two blocks and there is one floating in midair. It never starts you off with that one and it can be in a crazy hard combination.

One thing I noticed is you want to jump a couple times at the start, or your guy can glitch a bit forward. It also happens when you complete a 6 coin cycle.

I originally started with the spacebar and it is much easier with the mouse.

My best was 21 and I think I can go farther, but i'm happy with getting all of the medals.

great game, it was really entertaining and challenging. 5 stars.

keybol responds:

Thanks for the review! Funny that the easiest set to beat and the first one you figure out is the one that's being called impossible on the videos above. I find that set with a block above the hardest too haha.

With the jump, that happens when the player is trying to get back to its starting point. I thought I fixed that one, I will check again. I still have to get the last medal though, so congrats! The three of you!

100 Attempts and 4 Points.It lives up to it's name that's for sure.
I kinda like it though.Good time waster if u don't have high blood pressure.:)

keybol responds:

nice score. Definitely not recommended for people with high blood pressure lol