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Reviews for "Impossible Hardy"

*GASP!* Holy fuck I got a best score of 3! This is it. This is the pinnacle of my life.

So many angry people here xD
I love the game ,simple fun even though it's hard and extremely frustrating!
the hardest part is probably the "cave" obstacle where you have the spike underneath the floating block and you have to time your jump well.
Nice work on this and I hope your happy with making people go apeshit.

Ok, so let me ask again. It's a "impossible game with required jumping multiple time with almost no delay between each jump", but you can't do that because the control are badly done? 99% of the time, my character jump again after 0.5 - 1 second after he landed. There 0.5-1 second is more than enough to kill me.

This game is not hard. It's just unfair and utterly shit. If you can just fix this small issue, i'll remake a actual review, because right now, i can't even get 2 coin without dying thanks to the jumping issue.

Absolutely no fun whatsoever.

Just following the Happy Birds formula with Canabalt gameplay. Make something super hard so people will want to keep trying. Nothing new, nothing original, nothing exciting.