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Reviews for "Impossible Hardy"

Alright i wanted to rate this game but i am not giving it a rating. I am just going to do a review on the game. At the moment i play the game i thought it was hard but found out that somethings are a little messy. Like in one of the parts you see the spike and if you jump you hit it. I did that 3 times or more and one of my jumps was perfect that i still died. Some of the stair ways are hard but that is because they have a space. The main stair way is the one where you need to use the other pillar to jump to the middle of the stairs to continue. All in all it's a fun game but not good or people with anger issues. If i did give it a rating out of 10. It would be 7.5/10 but i will give a rating out of 5. So if you are bored play the game. Just don't like the game get the best of you.


keybol responds:

congrats! now go uut and get yourself something nice or delicious, you deserve it :)

Wow, I really didn't know it would be that hard. Even getting a coin is hard! I guess I should have paid more attention to the title. I do really appreciate how it's pretty unique. As you might have guessed, I'm no good at it. Then again, it seems like most people aren't.

The music is actually pretty good. I guess in a way, I am glad this game was made. It's always interesting to look at hard stuff! It was different than other hard games I have played. While I can't recommend it, it's certainly not bad.

keybol responds:

haha! I wanted to make something that really looks impossible, hence the level design made it evil.

This is one of the most time consuming games i have played in a while. The music was pleasant and calming for such a rage inducing game. And each attempt I made I would pray to the heavens and hope the stars and planets aligned in such a way that I may get one more on my score. But all in all it was incredibly enjoyable for those boring times at work. Will come back to this game for sure when i have time to kill.

Fairly enjoyable and addicting, even though insanely difficult. The sound and music are decent.