Reviews for "Last Town"

Good Game should make graphics better though

I thought it was a cute game, not too hard, not too easy. I liked having the different responses for the end game and the statue.

However, I did not get the Fortress and Ozy medals, and it erased my save file upon reloading the page. Am not willing to play again since I do not know if I'll get them the second time.

Awesome game, good animated graphics, intuitive controls and tons of upgrades! I especially love the storyline, which is fun and very plausible for a game! I also enjoy the way your own choices influence the game, you can really make your own tactic. Keep up the good work!

I really like this game. There are a couple of things that I would like to put out there, for some food for thought.
*Spoilers Possibly*
I played through choosing different beginning options, the first time choosing to burn the witch option, and second time choosing not to. Winds up your assistant chooses to want to burn the witch anyway and tries to go ahead with it.

But that was the only difference. I was hoping to see a little bit of change of dialogue in the female witch, acknowledging that the mayor did not want to harm her and wanted to spare her.
Having the option is great, but if it doesn't matter what we click then the options might as well be blank.

The same with when you lie to the merchant.
If you lie and say you did not get any coins and gems, he just tells you that is interesting, and continues to want to do business with us - instead of leaving because we have no money. Which you can choose to be a punishment for bad character traits -- or even having the merchant acknowledging that we lied, building character for both the main character you play and the merchant. It appears he did not give me both a diamond and a coin like the first time when I did not lie to him. But it is subtle, and unexplained in plot making the decision making moot.

Otherwise great! Good fun, interesting abilities. I played for quite a while!

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