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Reviews for "Last Town"

Boring and imbalanced game, based on LUCK.
The "activated ability" system is lame - basically, you cant use them whenever you want, it depens on LUCK if you get the "ability coin"

Tried several builds - none of them works, this looks really worked, this game is a 1/10

Similar to plants vs zombies but with permanent upgrades and events which limit your team. Since I'm I like upgrades, I prefer this over Plants vs Zombies.

Good Game should make graphics better though

I thought it was a cute game, not too hard, not too easy. I liked having the different responses for the end game and the statue.

However, I did not get the Fortress and Ozy medals, and it erased my save file upon reloading the page. Am not willing to play again since I do not know if I'll get them the second time.

Awesome game, good animated graphics, intuitive controls and tons of upgrades! I especially love the storyline, which is fun and very plausible for a game! I also enjoy the way your own choices influence the game, you can really make your own tactic. Keep up the good work!