Reviews for "Last Town"

The game is great but the pace is slow and I prefer a fast-forwarding button.

I really liked this game and the simple story that went with it. I liked the idea of having your own choices even if they if all of them didn't necessarily do anything to change the gameplay

Last Town 2 is my life dream now.

Excellent game, bro!

If there's one thing the game does perfectly, it's how it conveys the feeling of desperation. Too bad it's not always for the best.

To start, defense games don't always have this amount of story involvement. The typical story rarely goes beyond 'the bad guys are coming, stop them!' In Last Town, however, you play the desperate town mayor and actively make decisions between levels ('days') that shape how the game will be played. Some outcomes are inevitable and feel a bit contrived, but it does add extra depth that is welcome in this game genre. And while the dialogue and jokes were nothing spectacular, it did lend a quirky quality and tone. The story is bleak, but it doesn't take itself too seriously.

I found the battles to be frustrating affairs. You can add characters to the battle map based on the amount of apples generated, and as you add characters the apple cost per character increases. This often puts you in a tough spot of either saving up for one stronger character with projectile weapons, or a couple weaker melee characters. But the apple regeneration is very slow and the enemies can overwhelm so quickly that by the time you realize it your defense has been decimated.

Also, the characters attack at an ungodly slow rate. If I wasn't playing this at work I'd be screaming at the screen. (I realize this is a fantasy game, but please, let's be realistic on this point).

A big problem is the way the icons in battle are displayed. The character costs (at the top of the screen) are not displayed until you put your cursor over them, and the costs frequently change as characters are killed. And the special attacks are placed at the bottom of the screen, and you acquire them without warning. This means you are continually scanning on the top of the screen to see if you can buy a character, or scanning the bottom of the screen in hopes a power-up has been acquired. So you spend very little time actually watching the battle take place. It adds to the desperate/frantic feel of the game, but it's unnecessarily time-consuming takes the focus away from the battle and any possible strategy.

The upgrade system is very extensive, so extensive that many upgrades will go untouched. There are upgrades that improve everyone's armor or HP, as well as individual upgrades and added abilities. Yet, I never got the feeling that I was too powerful for the advancing enemies. You really feel like you're barely keeping up. But in the end the gameplay mechanics forced me to only use a few characters if I wanted even a chance at making it through a level. Thus both strategy and creativity are thrown out the window.

I had to force myself to finish the game. It was frustrating. Poor little town...

can u make last Town 2?