Reviews for "Last Town"

this game rules and good as zombie tactics

I really liked this game, it was just a little bit on the short side but that made it cute.
The music was allright, the design was adorable and the story with your own decisions was a nice touch.

I only had a little problem with placing people, sometime I had to click on the icon again to properly place it. I also saw that in the training menu, the last upgrade of the cleric (eucalyptus essence) doesn't seem to show the improvement it gives. I don't know if I'm the only one who is having these problems.

In short, a cute and fun game with a nice upgrading system, just a few small "bugs" but they didn't afflict the experience.
I hope to see more upgrading-type games like this :)


Fun game but Farmers are OP as all hell. There really is no reason to get/upgrade any other unit.
Balance please

Great enough to keep me playing until the end. The upgrades were plenty and really helpful. Though the town adviser's fate was too gruesome, imo.

I liked this game. It was visually appealing, and flowed very well. I they nailed the pace dead on. I had a couple problems visually aligning things in the columns to make sure they were in front of the enemy units. That cost me a round or two. The plot was clever, but I would have liked to see choices influence gameplay more. The upgrades were numerous, and diverse in effect. There's certainly more than a couple ways to win each round. Also, in the "digging" phase, it would be nice to be able to see where I've dug before, so as not to waste turns. I look forward to seeing work like this in the future.