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Reviews for "Last Town"

can u make last Town 2?

I was having a lot of fun playing it, but when I finished it this morning, I didn't get the Ozymandias medal. I expected to, but maybe it was a bug? Or maybe because of saved games being deleted after won? I really don't want to have to play it all through again, but anyway, good game.

Love it but what does the Eucalyptus Leaf DO!! Also, assassins and Engineers for an easier win. Curious what other builds are awesome!? Play and find out! Good Game.

Awesome game ! I really enjoy it .

This game has great potentional as a plants-versus-zombies-like game, but the third level(or whatever level the archer zombies first came, I forgot :P ) was really hard for me to do. How are you supposed to kill the archers when they are out of reach for anyone, and simply pelt your militia with arrows? I also don't like how militia gets more expensive with every other one you hire, at a certain point you simply can't afford them when you really need just one farmer to kill that one zombie that is about to overrun the town.