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Reviews for "Last Town"

It's a fun game, but very flawed. As others have said, there are bugs and misspellings galore. For example on some levels you don't regenerate apples making it almost impossible to win. Also there are too many unknowns. It would be cool if abilities had some sort of cool down, or if units had stats you could check. If this game was fixed and expanded upon it would be absolutely amazing.

I really love the concept of this game. There is a fun story and your choices seem to make a difference for the game later on. I would have given 5 stars if it werent for the bugs some people here already mentioned. At some point the apples wont reproduce themselves anymore and then when you restart the game at the same spot they do again. Also I noticed that especially during the (really hard) boss fight the special abilities would not work even if I still had villagers of that specific type... Last critique is about the boss at the end.

That one move where he just grabs one your people and they disappear seems to happen just randomly and sometimes he would just grab all of my people one after the other when at other times he would only grab one or two. Maybe you could put a limit to how often he can use that ability cause it is super strong...

Anyways it is a great game that eventually I did beat and now I will try again with a different strategy ;)

Max out Farmers and farm like crazy! Use javelineers to help before farmer do get extended range. 5th upgrade for the farmers make them excellent tanks o.o

Really fun and played it all the way through!!! KEEP ON MAKING GAMES!! Loved it!!!

I don't know if it's intended or not, but half the levels I end up not being able to generate any food over time; having to solely rely on lucky skill activation and apple growth. This specifically reared its head on Day 10 where I had enough funds to make a total of four farmers three attempts at the level in a row none of them would spawn an apple tree.

In addition, I've noticed the farmers will lock in an animation and be unable to spawn the apple tree. This bug seems to plague engineers too when placing the wall. It appears it has something to do with the chosen unit placing the skill being in an attack animation.

All in all it's a fun little game, the animation is nice, the art is nice, the audio is nice, but the bugs make it frustrating to try to play.