Reviews for "Last Town"

the design is wonderful

Pretty awesome game and an awesome story I rate it 5!

EXTREMELY well done, unique and overall AMAZING AND ORIGINAL DEFENSE GAME!!!! 10/10 and an amazing playthrough. not too long and can be completed in once sitting. Not alot of replayability but Im totally ok with it and will recomend to all my friends! WELL DONE MY FRIENDS! I hope to see more like this or even an expansion!!!

The oNLY complaint i have is there are just SOOO many citizens, its soi hard to keep track of, i ended up only using farmers, engineers, and the javelin dudes for pure damage, and to build walls and it was extremely effective.

game blows at first

Bad part that you have to die a bit in start to collect some coins and gems. You litteraly rewarded for loosing. And as i haven't lost a single battle for pretty long time i have found myself out of coins and gems for updates and wasn't able to win one particular battle.