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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

game does not start up after the first time. was fun while it lasted, but I can't help but thinkvthis game would have been better if it worked more then once. :P

NewProject responds:

The 2nd time, you don't see the button "continue"? Or what happen?
You can export / import your savegame to be sure you don't lose it.

I dont even how this got so popular with such a high score. left alone featured on front page.

NewProject responds:

If you don't like it, reach level 12 from 15 is not bad ... how many hours and days playing?

Ooookay so this is clearly a game about the periodic table...and wht do you do? drag some pulsing green boxes into some static yellow boxes...buy some upgrades...watch the table slowly get revealed...that's about it.


How the heck is this game on the front page at all, let alone be on the front page for as long as it has been?

Don't get me wrong, it's clearly a solid game for folks who are into this sort of thing but...I wouldn't have thought something like this could be as popular as this.

At least not on Newgrounds, of all places.

On some science nerd equivilant, sure, but...

Well, bottom line, I just don't get it.

was having fun on game, then suddenly my extracors no longer move where i am trying to move them. mouse icon becomes circle with slash through it and the game even gave a message about trying to do something with my extractor because it ended up in the top left corner when i was simply trying to move it to a different element. bad glitch broke game for me.
(really neat and interesting idea with this though)

Seems like a lot of fun, but this game is completely unplayable on my MacBook Air. Every time the game autosaves or saves, it freezes the game up and I have to reload. This is a real letdown, because the game seems right up my alley and appears to be well made.

NewProject responds:

I send you a pm with a link to test new save/load system.