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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

Could you please add a option to change the temp. to F instead of C? (water freezing point in F: less then 22F)

the screen isn't loading for me :(

NewProject responds:

-Try clear your browser's cache (you don't need to clear the cookies).
-Try change the url: HTTPS <-> HTTP

it seemed like it be a cool game but once i clicked on it and went to new game it said i was on level 99 and it wouldn't let me click anything what so ever

I did't find this fun at all. I did't know what to do at first, then after I got the hang of it I found my self just sitting there waiting to hear a ding to upgrade again. Simply not my cup of tea, Sorry. :(

guys please help me, i have been playing this game for 37 days and am stuck in level 1 though i have 4 zones and 15 element.
when i started i didnt even get a tutorial and i never learned how to play the game, and now i cant reset it so any help?

NewProject responds:

You have a "clear data" button to reset the game.