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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

I'm sorry to say that I did not understand this. I tried to get into it, but I couldn't figure it out. I just clicked around stuff, but nothing really happened. It didn't seem like there was much action. I got to the first level at least! Was this supposed to be a defense game?

I love how you mention both God and evolution. It at least has an elaborate design. It seems too complicated. Well, other people seem to enjoy it. Daily 5th Place ain't that bad.

NewProject responds:

What is an idle game? I know the 1st time it's hard to understand the concept. You don't have to kill or solve anything, only produce and increase to produce more.


Just another idle game to cash in on the current idle game craze because people are appearently too lazy to even play games.
Nice concept though ,but you can tell this was kind of rushed.

Can't finish game. I'm on level 14 and it won't accept chromium as the last ancient element.

NewProject responds:

If you are in mission "14 elements with year of discovery < 1700"
Chromium (Cr) is discobered in 1780 like you can see in rectangle info or in knowledge.

I check again this mission and I don't have any problem to get all 14 elements.

This game is really good. And this even if it is really long and sometimes boring. I would give it a 4,5 stars if it wasn't because EACH TIME I TRY TO OPEN THE GAME I GET THIS F*CKING BLACK SCREEN BUT SERIOUSLY DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEIR IS HUNDREDS AND EVEN THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE MAKING FLASH GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT I HAVE THIS PROBLEM WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did try to clear my browser's cache and clearing also everything running in the background, I still have huge problems opening the game. IT IS RIDICULOUS!!!!! And don't tell me that it is my computer that is my problem because my computer is perfectly fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NewProject responds:

How you get all this medals if you "get a black screen each time you try to open the game" ?
If you only can open the game sometimes... you really think I change the code every time you try to open it?
I know some people have problems with black screen, I'm sorry. I have spent a long time looking for a solution without success.

Note: This isn't a flash game. This game is made in html5 with webgl, and using webcache. Perhaps still too new technology...

Pretty good and everything but did you know the game is unplayable if you choose +3 idle power upgrade in the triassic? It's true. Because of this I can not save enough atoms to buy additional storage space or rows. Kinda deflating tbh.

NewProject responds:

You can buy all upgrades without any life bonus. I test it.

In upgrades, under "storage max" button, you have "slots to buy" button.

With more than 500.000 plays... how can you think that you are the 1st to select this option?