Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

Excellent idle. Lot's of stuff to do. I was pleasantly surprised by this game. Think I've learned more about chemistry in the past 7 hours than I did my entire high school run.

A few minor gripes that are more personal preference than gripe. I kinda would like to be able to exchange all, or exchange by group/zone. I use it quite often to rush upgrades, evolution and knowledge. One by one gets old fast. Make capacity/amount clickable on/off and update while on. I like to watch numbers grow, the more the merrier. Explain some things better, like life bonuses and what do mutations do, if anything. Maybe, Just let it run out of focus instead of making it idle. I lost a lot of time in the black hole that is wikipedia that you sent me down. Also, more wiki links :P.

Great game. Need to figure out what these secrets are though.

I lost an extractor behind the drop down list for the elements at the bottom of the page. Any chance this can come back like for the other spots?

NewProject responds:

I upload a new version, now you can't move an extractor over drop down list.

I see a lot of people have problems to get all exam points. It's hard and have to be difficult but...

Very interesting game, but there may be a bug: I am at level 13 and from the level 7 to 13, it didn't showed up in the newgrounds achievements.

NewProject responds:

You have a button (newgrounds icon) in main menu to check again all medals.

I don't like this genre. ( I don't dislike it either)
The game was good. It succeeds excelently as an idle game.
Biggest con: no volume control (too high if you have toher things running, well ur not supposed to but w.e)
the background is beautiful. Here comes 2nd con: as you unlock periodic table, it hides the beautful background, an option to make it more transparent (toggle for when u need to read on it) would be great.
Did not test export import system but its nice.
The progress is good, you not only have 1 or 2 systems, you have more (including an exam) and it promotes a good level of strategy for those looking for efficiency.

You better envision the amount of a mole. As you progress you would think that auto power is the most useful upgrade, until you max out everything and find out manual really scaled and you should of probably kept at it longer in the begining. I thought I would be done in 2 days. Yeah...not.

It's a great idle, incremental game. Some educational content. If you familiar with te periodic table of elements or have some affinity to chemistry this is a great game for you.
It would be better if challenges have get better descriptions.