Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

How do I produce atomic mass?

NewProject responds:

You can't produce it like atoms. You need to move extractors to the elements with bigger atomic mass.

Each element have a atomic mass number, you need to put at least 1 extractor in each element in order to sum the amount requested in quest.
While you are in this special missions, you see extra info when the mouse is over the extractor. This is the atomic mass from the element.

Completed after 2 1/2 weeks... nice...

Originally, I read the description and I was like "I'm gonna CRUSH God!". Then I started playing, remembered I am lazy, realized that this is an idle game, and figured "screw it". I love it. The particle effect can be annoying but you've provided an off switch for that so I'm sweet. I will have all these medals. Lazily. Idly. Whatever.

nice game :)

Most badges I've seen in one game