Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

Amazing game!

This has to be one of the best examples of the 'idle game' genre that there is!

The game play itself is simplistic but engaging enough to have you returning time and time again. Unlike others it is not frustrating waiting for level ups or gathering resources as there are micro elements to complete while playing.

A great tutorial system and rewards give this game great longevity and even after losing my first lot of game data I was more than happy to play from the start and undo some mistakes made the first time round.

wasnt supposed to change the wallpaper everytime you evolve?
i played it a sometime ago and i remenber it happening, maybe im wrong.
But now that i played a lot it didnt happened.

NewProject responds:

The background don't change.
When you get a new era in life, you can see another image in evolution (left-down).

Nearly Perfect.
Really enjoyed this idle game. Most of the achievements and goals came naturally or were fun to figure out. "Rich" was the only one where I got frustrated. Happy to get the final medal.

Overall a very fun idle game.

i think this is the best idle type game i've played:D

First game I've ever played where I can actually use what I learned in chemistry class! It only too 29 years xD