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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

Pretty good and everything but did you know the game is unplayable if you choose +3 idle power upgrade in the triassic? It's true. Because of this I can not save enough atoms to buy additional storage space or rows. Kinda deflating tbh.

NewProject responds:

You can buy all upgrades without any life bonus. I test it.

In upgrades, under "storage max" button, you have "slots to buy" button.

With more than 500.000 plays... how can you think that you are the 1st to select this option?

it seems like a good game from the reviews but my problem is that i can't even load the game explanation plz

NewProject responds:

Black Screen at start?
-Try clear your browser's cache (you don't need to clear the cookies).
-Try change the url: HTTPS <-> HTTP

If there is other problem, please explain it.

I like the concept, but the tutorial froze on me.

game does not start up after the first time. was fun while it lasted, but I can't help but thinkvthis game would have been better if it worked more then once. :P

NewProject responds:

The 2nd time, you don't see the button "continue"? Or what happen?
You can export / import your savegame to be sure you don't lose it.

I dont even how this got so popular with such a high score. left alone featured on front page.

NewProject responds:

If you don't like it, reach level 12 from 15 is not bad ... how many hours and days playing?