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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

I really like new kinda of Idle games, this one is really broke the meta. But i had an issue after few hours of gameplay. My maximun amount of atoms was (random value only for analysis) 10, when i reached the maximun and tried to expand it, hoho, i needed 12... I couldnt figure out what i was suposed to do, everything got to expinsive to afford, no matter if i exchange an atom to another, i can bypass the capacity. I got stuck. 0 stars from me, this kanda of bug shouldnt ever happen.

NewProject responds:

You have an upgrade to active 2 slots to buy.
10 + 10 = 20
20 > 12
With near 200.000 plays you think you're the one who goes ahead? Then don't put a 0 stars if the game it's too complicated for you.

bet its an ok game if it did not continuously crash before the game can even start. good job

NewProject responds:

You can play this game in a dual core, perhaps you have some configuration problem.
Can you define "crash" ?
Black screen / browser alert / win error / ...

Every time I hit level 9 it crashes. Tried reloading my save 3 times - it's EVERY time.
So apparently I can't continue playing.

Atoms amount

What's the value of n? 1? 2? 10?
I think you mean 5,360? (n=10)

5.36k would be clearer than n^3 or instead of the metric system, you could replace n with a 10.

Currently the value is ambiguous.