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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

I usually stop playing idle games as soon as i start playing them. This is not the case with this one, although part of the reason for that may be the fact that I can export the saved game to a txt file.
BTW, what does the objective "3 times continued playing" mean?

NewProject responds:

You need to close the game and come back to the game 3 times. ^^

Please, where can i get the soundtruck? Although it's short, i like it! It trips me out together with the moving background. Just amazing!!

Good game, nice concept and also instructive (if you make a "shorter" version of it i could be an interactive chemestry game for students with educational purposes; now it is long enough to be a good idle game).
What can i say? I've been hating chemestry until now when i actually learnt cool stuff in a cool way just by playing!!!

Just another idle game to cash in on the current idle game craze because people are appearently too lazy to even play games.
Nice concept though ,but you can tell this was kind of rushed.

Fun Game, 10/10 IGN - Its Like Borderlands without guns.

Jokes aside, no issue with save or loading the game.

For the 'Tour' Exams, you have to visit certain places sometimes, from 50 to lets say 300.
Displacement = Scroll Up or Down for X time.
Missing in Action = Back to the game after X time.

I'm encountering the same problem as some others where it won't allow me to continue the game after idling. If I refresh the page, I'm able to select "Continue" as normal. If I leave the page and then come back after a few minutes, progress is lost, except for importing. This makes it burdensome to progress past a certain point.

This makes me sad, because this is actually a really interesting idler, and I really wish more games would take some queues from it.