Reviews for "Rogue Soul 2"

Sometimes i find a game cartoonish style like this...
I play it i like it.
Buth with some games I JUST FCKING LOVE IT!!!

really great nice job doing the game i played it for hours the first time

Good game but it's a little laggy

My and my friend have been playing this game for a while, on a couple different websites, because it's always fun to start over. :) The art is awesome and the game-play is very smooth. Just saying, the mini-games are TOO hard. None of us could get past the second one in any column. Still my fav. game ever though! :)

SoulGame responds:

Mini-games are hard indeed, but I'm sure you'll beat them eventually! If you want to start over you can also click on "Clear save" in the main menu. Thanks a lot for playing and for your comment!

the game is good