Reviews for "Rogue Soul 2"

I see vast improvements and additions in comparison to the original. The game provides enough content for the player to keep going for quite a while. Sometimes it did feel as though the hitboxes were screwing me over in terms of specific challenges like not killing anybody, but overall it's more like you have nobody to blame but yourself for messing up, and that's naturally a good thing in any game.

There is not much left to innovate in this series, but I'm certain you can come up with a few more things to spice up the formula even further. Parrying as another option in combat, backflipping for proper backwards movement and more footsie shenanigans, projectiles that don't simply travel forward for fancy circumvention of blockades, et cetera. Just throwing some rough ideas at you since this is what people are expecting due to the open ending which promises a third iteration.

One tiny thing you missed however. I recognize quite a few sound bites from The Legend of Zelda and Mario Sunshine. You need to add those sources to your credits. Nintendo in particular really does not condone this kind of behavior. It's not a huge deal since the likelihood of them finding out about it is slim, but keep it in mind for future reference anyway~

SoulGame responds:

Thanks for your amazing feedback. Most of the points you made regarding innovations are actually already in our doc "Rogue Soul 3 - Concept" :)

And thanks for the heads-up regarding sound effects.

i always have some game time for this fast old time badass games!

the game is so awesomeo you know that this the kind of the game i like or i love best game ever i hope soulgame studio would make another game of rogue soul 3 and ther would be awesome garphics i hope soulgamestudio would do thier best thank you

Perfect mix of challenging levels and strategy. 5 stars well deserved.

wow good game