Reviews for "Rogue Soul 2"

it was hard but it was good i really enjoyed it the last boss was pretty powerfull but in the end first try i got 3 stars :D
and that reason is because i played this game ages ago and i would at least spend 3 hours doing endless acrobats and endless hunter
thanks for the game

SoulGame responds:

Thanks for sharing your opinion and glad you liked it :)


I FINALLY BEAT DARK ZOULS 3 STARS AND 100% IT TOOK SOOOO LOOONG(also pretty good game keep up the good work soulgame)Im Waiting For Rogue Soul 3,When will it come out?I MUST KNOW!Dont Stop Makin Quality Games,Way Better Then First Rogue Soul,Also I Completed Swords And Souls,And In The Arena In Roue Soul 2,It Took Les time to do the ultimate Challenge then to do Dark Souls No Hit,Its Hard But Incredibly Fun.This IS One Of My Favourites Games(including:Other Games On NewGrounds<Rogue Soul<Swords And Souls<Rogue Soul 2)I Need More SoulGames Pronto,Also Dark Zouls+The Engineer+The Black Captain=Bad Time!No Hit Black Captain Is Not That Hard,No Hit Engineer is Mediocor Bad Time And Dark Zouls No Hit Has A To High Difficulty That Words Cannot Express,But I Was Able To Do it Today(2018-02-19).This Should Be The Greatest Game In NewGround's History!Make Sure No One Changes That Mate,they Just Jelous Of Your Talent At Creating Fantastic Games,And I gt It,Dark Souls Is A Hard Game,So You Made The Final Boss Really Hard And Named Him Dark Zouls -__- . But Its Still A Good Game,One of The Best Games I'v Ever Played.It Might Be Hard For Some Players,But Its Beatable.Great Game And Again,
Keep Up The Good Work
~ A Player

This game is very very good!Nice time waster,nice platformer,and exellent in the way of cutomiziation. HOWEVER! THAT FINAL FUCKING BOSS IS A BITCH AND A HALF!

i tried to finsish the whole game but i cant
just too hard
Love the game though!