Reviews for "Rogue Soul 2"

Very beautiful & fun game. I love the upgrade system, i love the running system. I love everything about it, though i wished it was a bit longer & more bosses! Those bosses were unique & awesome! Very very nice!!! The last boss got me by surprise!!!!!!!!!!! I thought i beat him until he started shootinng more fireballs on the ground I have no more continues & 0 gear defense! Idk how i survived for 3 long minutes dodging every fireball he kept throwing at me until i realized i had to hit the little blue spheres hahaha! i beat him that was an amazing experience! next time do bosses like that with surprises at the end! it really caught me off guard! 5 STARS :D

SoulGame responds:

Awesome, thanks! We'll add more bosses next time.

Wow all my five stars belong to this!!!!!! Nothin like a good game of rouge soul fits your thirst for kills....Keep up the good work guys im lovin it

this is awesome rogues soul 345678910 should be made lol

tbh this game is actually really nice,cool reference of assassin's creed (leap of faith)

Very nice game