Reviews for "Rogue Soul 2"

The intro was funny Nice game soulgame
also is there going to be rouge 3?

the engeneer is dificult

This game is awesome.

This game is so fanfriggin amazing! its rare that a flash game gets my repeated playing, but i havent played another game on newgrounds for a week. cant wait to check out your other games!
PS is there going to be a rougue souls #?
PPS I would have given this 6 stars if i could. This is my favourite game on all of newgrounds.

Keep up the good work!
-SmarterThenYou(Smarter then everyone but you that is. :D)

SoulGame responds:

Thanks! I'm proud our game is your favorite around :) Yes I we would love to continue the Rogue Soul series.

if you play slope game slopex in full screen for a while it feels like you are about to have a seizure anyone agree?