Reviews for "Rogue Soul 2"

Really love the new upgrading system. Definitely better than Rogue Soul 1. And U really need to try this game.

hey dude. awsome game. let make rouge ninja 3 together some time

Very beautiful & fun game. I love the upgrade system, i love the running system. I love everything about it, though i wished it was a bit longer & more bosses! Those bosses were unique & awesome! Very very nice!!! The last boss got me by surprise!!!!!!!!!!! I thought i beat him until he started shootinng more fireballs on the ground I have no more continues & 0 gear defense! Idk how i survived for 3 long minutes dodging every fireball he kept throwing at me until i realized i had to hit the little blue spheres hahaha! i beat him that was an amazing experience! next time do bosses like that with surprises at the end! it really caught me off guard! 5 STARS :D

SoulGame responds:

Awesome, thanks! We'll add more bosses next time.

This game is fast paced, fun, and a little addictive. I like the style of the game, how it plays, and so on. I have enjoyed my time with this game and think you will to. I can't wait for a sequel.

Very nice game