Reviews for "Alex"

From top to bottom this is a well designed game with a clear message that is also fun to play. Well done!

Nice short flash game that you can play less than a few mins.Show's what the suffurs of als loses and shows how you can be fine one day and the next day you can feel nothing like your self and lose control of your body.Great game well Great short flash game, i give it a 4 :)

good game, good concept, good message.
i hope that this message will help the cause, and that more people will be aware about this...
lets hope that this will be cured.....

Well it's better then the retards throwing cold water on themselves that's for sure

Well that was pretty interesting, was wondering when someone's going to make an als game, good job for making a not-boring one, I like how the kid was really excited to go to the park with his/her dad at first, to show how many things in life you give up on when contacted by diseases. In terms of the programming, the jump was weird, there should be a delay on when you can jump again. Also the camera's movement was rigid and also weird. Good job again, maybe you could've been even more creative and made it not just a generic platformer.