Reviews for "Alex"

this is a better campaing against the ALS than the Ice Bucket Challenge, just loved the game!

I honestly never knew what ALS was until I played this game, so I found this to be VERY informative.
Only problem I found was that platforms are really wonky. You have to land the left edge of the platforms that hover and move in order to stay on them. Other wise, you'll fall right through the middle of it even though it's obvious that you landed on it. Good job on the game mate, hopefully it'll educate other people as well.

Short, and it isn't a game with varied level design, mechanics, and much entertainment value, but it's made more to make a point about ALS, and it does a decent job. And while it's a game pretty much made for the purpose of making a point, I still like it. I liked the graphics and I also liked the movement physics. Almost every time that an indie dev makes a platformer ( I can't really think of any exceptions, save Super Meat Boy) they make the controls slow, unresponsive, sluggish. The ideal is pretty much Super Mario Brothers, you feel in full control and if you mess up the game, it's your fault, not the awkward controls. If it ain't broke, why fix it? With many indie platformers, you often feel it was more the fault of the controls. It's nice to see and indie platformer that is faster than the others, but it goes a bit too far in that other direction. It does a good job of promoting awareness of ALS.

Good job, guys.

lol let's find a cure for this disease.

let me look in my sofa. there might be a cure under the cushions.

darn nope. let me check in the attic. i'll get back to you.