Reviews for "Alex"

I really love this game i wish it could of gone for a little longer because i love it.


O jogo acaba extremamente rápido, mas isso não quer dizer que o jogo seja ruim, muito pelo contrario, o jogo é ótimo, eu gostaria muito de saber que criou-o

hope the playale carticr (the dad) recovers soon! (no, relly)

Touching game, Tight controls and memorable story, short and sweet.
The developers planned this out in a way that as soon as you get a grasp of the controls, they are slowly taken away, leaving you with a feeling of loss AND new ways to explore levels, as easy as that may be to traverse when playing, it would have taken a bit of care to do and I commend the devs on this.

4.5 stars for you chaps!

P.s. Holy crap that run cycle is just SO satisfying.