Reviews for "Alex"

The fact that he was so very vibrant at the beginning, almost to a zany level of energy provided a stark contrast for how he ended up towards the end. This was an excellent representation of the effects of the disease. Also, very smooth flow to the game. Control was spot on. It started out so colorful and cheery, and well, it stayed colorful. Nice work. Very important to provide insight into this so that people have a better understanding.

A great game with an important message. Love it

When I started this game I didn't realize I was boarding a roller coaster ride for the FEELS.
This is a great game and a nice way to get the word out there. Although simplistic i feel you (the creator) is very passionate about it and i respect that. Thank you for making this game for a good cause.

What a great game! Sad as well. I love how you executed this! In my opinion, you're the best game maker on Newgrounds. Please keep up the awesome work!

wow...thhis feels...wow i cant say! i love it