Reviews for "Alex"

It has a nice balance to it, it's also interesting to watch a character lose, rather than gain power ups over time. It's a bit short and it's a little too cutesy for such a dark subject matter, still fun though.

Fuck you ALS >:(

It's a great game in giving "a slight insight in the disease ALS".
Even if it's a tad short, the concept is great and simple. The artwork is cute and charming.
I'd say if someone opened the game, they'd eventually play through it, making it an effective way of raising awareness.

its a great game but so short that it shouldn't get 5 stars but still very fun

I'm rarely a critic on this website, but with this game I've made an exception due to the subject matter. However, it's a serious critique and not intentionally a rude one. I knew the mechanics of the game before I began playing, despite my lack of understanding with ALS. The game is too short and it's message too basic to educate me on the subject. Despite the quazi-interesting initial play controls and art style.

What it indirectly taught me (or seemingly tried to teach me) is that "your life is over once you are diagnosed with ALS. The effects are immediate and your inactivity means that your existence is immediately worthless." I refuse to accept this message as helpful or informative.

For the look and feel, I would have given a 3.5, but the length of the game and the message it unintentionally conveys, I have to reduce the score.