Reviews for "Alex"

Decent, I suppose. The graphics, physics, sound, and presentation are all very tight, though I think the game could stand to be more difficult and maybe include more features just for the sake of being a good game. Since the game never required the player to perform impossible feats, I never felt very debilitated by the lack of jumping or climbing. Perhaps it would have been better if you had a stamina gauge instead that would drain faster, increasing the difficulty, or perhaps having jump height or climbing/walking speed decrease more gradually. I definitely didn't like that I was still able to run really fast even after my jump height had been reduced so much.

The dialogue is fine but didn't really move me, I think that's pretty much impossible for a game this short. I also want to point out how stupid the word 'cure' is. I'm really sick of people acting like you can just throw money at a bunch of scientists and more money will miraculously equal more progress, even as cancers and autoimmune diseases have been steadily increasing. Obviously we're giving money to the wrong foundations if the problem is getting worse. But enough politics, this is a good game.

This is quite sad, once you think about it!

Love it! Can't believe that these are the symptoms of A.L.S! :O Learned A LOT though! Great way to show A.L.S's symptoms! I salute you! :D

ALS makes you jump really fast until you die? Just kidding ALS is a serious disease. This was a cool way to show kids its effect i guess?

Would have been better if losing abilities like double jump made it harder to get through the levels. E.g. there is a passage that you could easily pass by using double jump. However you've just lost that move so you have to take a harder way.

Especially the way home was too easy, you just had to fall down. It's not that dramatic that you lose your abilities because you wont need them anyway.