Reviews for "Alex"

Well designed concept and overall gameplay. Just curious did you make it in the flash IDE or some other program like Stencyl or Construct?

GuyUngerNL responds:

We used flashdevelop + flashpunk for the programming and photoshop for art

Huuuuh... A game about ALS ? Was it necessary when you have Google ?

Meh. At least it was pretty good

this felt like Megaman X5's story line and Megaman 10's beging! (the reson For X5 is because during the whole game, Zero is feeling stornger BUT the other reploids were getting weaker and turning to mavericks and the reson for megaman 10 is becuase in the beging of the game Roll gets sick! so thats why) nice game! plus Y U STEAL DOUBLE JUMP!

Good game!

The game has neat controls. It feels responsive and snappy. It's most likely a matter of taste, but I'd rather have a bit more control with jumps (a bit less gravity). Also, I did know about ALS, but didn't learn much from the game: the theme feels a bit disconnected from the aesthetics you have chosen, and there is very little complementary info at the end of the game.
I mean, the idea to use a platform game is a solid starting point, as the character slowly becomes paralyzed. I think that you could have given the player a simple objective that gets harder and harder to achieve, as the movement set and character speed is being reduced throughout the progression.

Anyway, keep it up, I wanna see your next productions guys!