Reviews for "Alex"

The feels are real.

I knew that I was going to be hit by the Feels Train when I started the game.

You did your job of passing the message and you did it well, which by itself deserves the 5Stars rating. Also, the game has some nice and cute graphics, smooth controls, smooth music and a quick and easy but entertaining playthrough.

I didn't see bugs or errors, but it had some weird camera shacking at some parts and the music didn't variate at all during the game (atleast that I noticed), resulting in some awkward scenes, for example: the music didn't change at all when the doctor told to the main cat that he had ALS, which was quite immersive killing.

But it was a overall good game that does it's job done. 5Stars, for sure.
Thanks for making this Game! :D

It's not a good game, but the important thing was the message in it. That's what made me give 5 stars. Great job man.

the only game on newgrounds that made me cry inside.... ;_____;......... one of the best and informative games on newground 155 out of 10.


Very Creative with the message. How I lose all my abilities throughout the game.