Reviews for "Alex"

Am I the only one who thinks ebola is more severe than ALS, and oh it can spread with just skin contact too. anyways great game

Charming and fun. i liked the music and the visuals. i just wish that it was a bit longer.

While I do agree with m6wg4bxw's review, I will, for now, put aside all the ALS thing, and just focus on the gamey aspects.

Visually it's really appealing, and what is more important to me in pixel-artsy games, it really IS pixel art, without any scaling elements that clearly are not in the same resolution as the reast of the game.
Sound is standard, nothing extraordinary, simply fitting the theme.
Controls are a bit too... responsive? There could be some short delay after landing, so it would be not possible to jump immidiately again. That is my only. very minor complain, and it have almost no impact on the gameplay.

Now the ALS... While the story is ok, the ridiculous pacing is killing it. Some random dude pops out and tell us we have ALS, then we go out for some milk, and the ALS kicks in so hard, that after 5-10 minutes, we can barely stand... I understand that maybe you had not that much time to make this game, or you just didn't wanted to make it longer, but the message would be so much better with, for exaple, every level taking away one of player's abilities, not almost each screen.

Still, strong 4 stars for the quality.

Wow. ALS won the fucking social media lottery.

The insight I gained from playing this is 1) I was again reminded of what ALS stands for, and 2) that it makes motor control progressively more difficult. That could have been accomplished with a few lines of text. I don’t know why you chose a game to spread this information.

This looks and feels good enough, but it’s wasted. The journey and goal are boring and unrewarding.
At least it was short. Now, excuse me. I need to make a video of myself, dumping a bucket of STFU on ALS. It’s for a good cause.

2 words STEM CELLS