Reviews for "Alex"

While the game is entertaining for a while it offers barely any insight into the disease, and the information is kind of dumped on you as if it was another game who somehow got stamped as ALS game of all sudden, the game tries to create some sort of story and emotion but do not care enough to convey it properly nor to take the time to strenghten the emotion it would want us to feel. The game is predictable and one would probably figure out how it would end before it even started. It feels very rushed and unfocused. The game is also absolutely not subtle in his theme and message, making it more like a playable infomercial than an actual game with an actual story.

I know this game is supposed to give an insight on ALS but quite frankly for such a serious disease it deserved more than this.

No it has given absolutely no insight into ALS. It gave me an insight on how to ride a popularity wave using the name of a disease. It is a decent platformer but has NOTHING to do with ALS with the exception of the title.

The gameplay and the graphics are perfect. I really liked the whole idea!

The fact that when you held the spacebar the guy would jump a second time automatically when hitting the ground again was a bit annoying.
Unfortunately the music was recorded very poorly, the guitars sounded out of tune and the cajon had a terrible timing, but that's just a minor thing.

I would like to start off this review by saying that "Alex" is a brilliant and thoughtful insight into ALS. It has lovable graphics, adorable characters and a soundtrack that fits the game. It also succeeds in providing an easy-to-understand and emotional experience that really drives in the point: ALS is a serious disease and we can all do something to help. My only criticism is, as stated by various other commenters, that the game is very short, and very fast-paced (within 30 seconds you're already told you have ALS). However, this in no way distracts from the point, and "Alex" is a great game nevertheless.

both cute and sad =/