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Reviews for "Royal Warfare"

the game is good, but the last level is hard, you cannot call reforcements and you only have 2 archers,3 sword soldiers, 1 rogue, 1 spy , 1 red mage, 2 medics and 1 king, and you need survive 11 waves only with that units, no arrows strike, i only give half star, could have been better

Edit made in 03/17/2019: I was stupid at the time and raged over a very little thing. I have changed my rating to 4 stars after replaying the game and actually beating the last level.

Cool game but I've got one problem with all the games here: why the F you don't give full screen option.. for that reason I give only Half a star - because my eyes bleeds after couple of minutes.

Why do you lose points if the zombies cross the screen if they come from all directions, shouldnt they just attack your soldiers? This really makes no sense to me and makes the game require more micro than I really like. Other than that it's a pretty fun game.

Great game!!

Don't know if intentional, but my assassins have a tendency to attack and kill my priests :/