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Reviews for "Royal Warfare"

i was playing on kongerate, but now that i found it, i can finally play it here TOO.

Pretty great game though I couldnt find a way to enhance the screen besides my own zoom which you really need to in order to micro manage in the end stages. That said the mission were really good but I hated the ones where you got no reinforcement cause some units like the assassins and monk I just plain didnt like. In missions like those I would have prefer to just have starting cash and I make my own strategy.

All in all pretty balanced but I hate micro managing with a passion and toughed it out a good length just cause it was fun, but I really wish I had more freedom in a mission to build my own armies. When you had the chance to buy your own troops the timers prevent rapid buying really limited your options into having a same spread cause you couldnt spend all your money without buying stuff you didnt want.

Considering how in depth this is, it's genuinely surprising that there are times where the A.I just...doesn't listen.

The fact that there's been a dozen instances of: Your men just not moving when you tell them to, your men not attacking approaching enemies because of such issues as they were facing the other way, and your men feeling the need to gang up on a single foe, rather than branching out and taking up more, all put a rather large thorn in whatever strategy you concocted; nevermind the fact that it's been a dozen for each one.

Also, the winning move for each mission is: However many ranged units you can muster, +a couple soldiers and 1 advanced healer.

Either boost the amount of soldiers threefold and increase enemy numbers and strength by 2.1x or make the enemies focus soldiers before leaving, and giving you 10 secs to reinforce after every wave (With the normal long breaks) and you'll have a great game.

I wish I could find more games exactly like this. I have played Royal Squad and really liked that too. I also like Infectonater 2 because it had the dame kind of game play. Wish I could find more.