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Reviews for "Royal Warfare"

Very good game !!!

I love it! The music is awesome, the game play is fun and i like the style of the game and the overall feel and mood the game which seems to pump you up to play. tutorial on how to play is great. only thing left is a part 2.... :D ALL MY 5 belongs to this great job. most def this is going to my Favorites

platonskedow responds:


While this could be a really great game and has amazing potential to be awesome, the AI the users characters are broken especially the swordsmen. They often will just wander off not attacking or do anything when told to attack. They often will move but then walk away and just walk in circles doing nothing. It's very frustrating at time and will loose many units because of it. I like this game a lot and its a well made game but please fix some of these annoying issues.

platonskedow responds:

I'm designing a sequel, and surely will make units decisions more adequate and their movement more smooth.

good game...worth a few plays

Excellent work on this!

First and foremost, I have to applaud the programming for the most competent AI system I've seen in quite a while! (AAA titles included) While the game will obviously have its issues, they are very few and scarcely visible if you're not looking for them.

Before I extol too much, I'll air the grievances:

First off, difficulty curve. I can most definitely appreciate a difficulty thaat doesn't let you just soam one unit to zerg unto victory, but you may want to take a closer look at the shifting between levels. Some levels are engaging, but simple and feel more like wasting time, while others step up the curve so quickly that players unfamiliar to RTS (or who just suck at it like me) will lose interest and stop playing, as I did.
(For reference, the particular point I stopped is level 14. I can't get anything to survive, despite disabling mages first)

Aside from this glaring issue, I slaved at this for HOURS. Everything comes together quite exquisitely, thanks in no small part to the soundtrack.

Just missing that little bit to make this a 5-star, but you're damn close. Let nothing stop you.