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Reviews for "Royal Warfare"

Pretty fun, nothing too new although I like the storyline.

I like it! :D


Very cool game, instantly became one of my favorites!

The Good:
+ Great unit variety with some interesting upgrade options
+ Combat is fluid and challenging without being overly difficult
+ Game is long enough to provide hours of entertainment (when counting medal hunting)

The Bad:
- Some of the achievements didn't work for me. I have the All Stars medal but didn't get quite a few of the others (100, Lightning, Strike, Damage Bringer, Elite & Survived). Not a huge deal, and I see that many other people have earned these, so I don't know what to say.
- Glitch: When purchasing units, if you click the unit icon very fast, you can buy 2 or 3 of that unit before the cooldown starts. Using an autoclicker is the best way to do this. I'd look at fixing that if you can.

* While the unit balance is good over-all, there are a few units that lag behind:
* Swordmasters are worthless. I always hated the missions when I started with these guys. They are way too squishy for being melee and don't have any redeeming value (archers and mages are better dps and they can do it from range). Unlike rogues, they aren't particularly fast or have stealth, so they really aren't good for anything. I'd improve their armor value, or make their damage much better to compensate for being so squishy.
* Thieves in general did not feel needed in any mission. They require the most skill of any unit class but don't really reward you for their use. Snipers are much easier to use and are overall better for picking off enemy mages. Still, they are fun to use and I don't know how you'd improve them without making them overpowered.
* Black Mages pale in usefulness compared to Red Mages. Their high single target damage doesn't come close to being as good as Red Mage's AoE damage. To make matters worse, their spells are really bad. Curse does not last long enough or have a large enough effect, and Mind Control is laughably bad. Meteor is better than both of these spells combined, which makes Black Mages not worth buying outside of earning their achievements.
* Monks are similarly just not as good as Clerics. The main problem is their protection spell's AOE is not large enough to protect the front-line warriors, where it's needed. If you gave it a large AOE boost, monks would be much closer to Clerics in power.

Final Words: Great game, I had a blast playing through it. Aside from some minor balance observations and the glitch I mentioned, this game is perfect.

Verdict: 5/5, 9/10

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