Reviews for "Royal Warfare"

Its been a while since I've played a good game like this. Love the rts and strategy game play. Hopefully there's a sequel. And more units so we can have more ways to finish a level.

this game is amazing I've been playing it for hours well done sir , well done

Dude I absolutely loved this game! This is one of the best games I've played not just on Newgrounds, but ever. I love the game mechanics. The free roaming ability you gave the PC's is awesome. And I totally found myself getting really into the theme of small numbers vs large numbers.

Totally excellent. My only gripe would be then end boss. I was hoping for some extreme art to pop up at the end. Like some giant un-dead leviathan or something. But other than that I loved your game. Thanks!

platonskedow responds:

Thanks! It's a great reward for a developer to hear such words!

Check v. 1.5 when it will come online - I'm changing the final battle to make it really epic.

It's fun commanding your men to kill the enemies! Good game

I love this game to bits. Only thing that gets me annoyed is to deselect a unit. But that's a small annoyance and it didn't frustrate me enough in the heat of battle. Achievements are do-able but it's pretty nerve-wrecking in later levels. Good game for a few hours of fun. 5/5