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Reviews for "Royal Warfare"

This is a great game. Excellent programming and good interface. Its intuitive enough but maybe you could clean up the screen UI a bit. There's a lot of junk on screen that can confuse or distract a new player and some of it isn't all necessary or vital to know.

I wish the battles moved a little faster, but I was impressed with the upgrade features and the styles of units. I also liked how easy it was to move around my units and you added features to help easily assign formations.

I think for a flash game, you balanced the number of unit classes well, not having too few or too many. I also appreciated the game hints. They actually had useful information from time to time.

For future versions of the game, I would love to see the option of building (such as walls or towers.) Like I said before, I think the game would be more addicting if it moved faster.

platonskedow responds:

Thanks for the review!

Different players ask for a different things. Some think that things are happening too quickly in the game, and some think that it's a bit slow... It means that the game is in the balance right now :)

Not the best game.

Nice game! i got a lot of achievements but it looks like the medals aren't working, fix this ^^
music is nice too, it don't bores ME.
and it have good RTS resources, like group sets, squad options, classes and unit promotion =)

Bruh this game is the best flash RTS I've played in a minute people needa take notes