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Reviews for "Royal Warfare"

This game is just perfect the especially the RTS and just bring more and more updates please aslo can you try to put more units like flyin´g or AIR units that will be very good. I´m suck at level 15 island defence you guys have any advice

platonskedow responds:

Block the incoming forces with your swordsmen. Focus fire on single targets. When the time will come, upgrade one swordsman into a sword master, and another into a knight. When hounds appear, move your melee units to meet them, and then return them back to the bridge. Red Mage, two crossbow men and two snipers is the best choice. When enemies appear from underground, they suffer a small stun. It gives you a chance to move your archers and casters into a safe position and block those enemies by your melee units. Use tactical pause (space bar) to see what is happening and to issue orders. And now there are lots of video walkthroughs in the web, try to google them.

Awesome game! I love RTS style games and I thoroughly enjoyed how one could mix and match perks through achievements. I had a little trouble with the bomber guys but began to favor crossbowmen.
I would've enjoyed maybe a little better description of each class, and I just want to mention I thoroughly enjoyed mixing assassins with swordmasters and monks. Awesome game man, make another and let me know!

platonskedow responds:

Thanks! The game is deep enough, and there are lots of hidden tactics and combinations. Try to find them all :)
I'm trying to add new functionality with each update, and right now there's not enough time to review texts: they also need more attention.

Enemies sometimes get stuck off screen, my units attack them but can't kill them and my units can't die because of my healers. I can't command the units to move away or other units to attack them. The result, I can't continue until the enemy unit is dead. Fix this bug.

platonskedow responds:

Already in my TODO list. But this bug is hard to fix. I tweaked most things that caused it, but it still occurs. Will spend more time.

Really enjoyed this game, there were a few bugs when fighting enemy's though.
One I can remember was mission 22, enemy attacked from behind and got stuck off the screen to the right, couldn't kill or be killed had to quit.

platonskedow responds:

Sometimes such things occur ( I'm trying my best to remove each bug that people report, but some of them are really hard to find and to fix.

good but you need to add that they can retreat