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Reviews for "Royal Warfare"

just tried this game so idk about past bugs, but i don't really see any bugs in the game now. (btw, defense is spelled wrong in upgrades but idc about spelling errors) the game is overall challenging and addicting, with good music that fits in well with the theme. the controls are basic, but i wish there would be more options with the formation, ie clustered formation or phalanx (those are just ideas though), and the upgrade choices are well done. i love the game overall.

Definatly a great game. Very addictive.

Very fun game that I have spent several hours on lol. Some of the levels really make you think about what units you buy how you use/ balance out your army that you collected. Dont let the ghost take you by surprise and be destroyed because you have inadequate amount of mages or none at all, because they are only weak to magic lol. I'm currently on the last level about to beat the game. Great great overall, but i'm seeming to have a problem with the achievements that I have unlocked in game that wont update with the medals.

platonskedow responds:


And medals... I'll check it, but it worked fine for me...

Man i cant get past the lvl where the first undead lords came cuz with the undead necros reviving them and the ability of the enemy to use the rain of arrows thing my healers are having a hard time to heal the warriors and there was a part where i almost won but a BUNCH of undead necros revived the darth slayers and some of the vamps then my knights got killed and my wizards :\ but all in all a great game! i wonder if they could add a tier 3 class though

platonskedow responds:

Try to use thief class soldiers to quickly eliminate those shamans. I usually have a small raiding party for such purposes. Spies can help a lot in such a situation. Also you can use snipers and focus fire on them. When all shamans are dead, it is not a problem to kill the remaining forces.

oh my god dude this is realy great superb.nothing to
give else then 5 stars