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Reviews for "Perdition"

A thought-provoking game with beautiful artwork and atmosphere!
I've played this game back in May 2017, but neglected to leave a review and I came back to get the Slave and Sinner medals that I had previously missed.

In terms of its platform gameplay its actually not particularly great; it tends to be a little slow and mechanically shallow. There are also a handful of unpolished spots in the game where it is a bit hard to tell where you're supposed to go, and I sometimes needed to take a few "leaps of faith", only to fall right into a spider or spike. The ability to look up/down could have solved this issue. There was also one occasion where I had no choice but to run away from a Gun Executioner to get to a door in a narrow path, but wasn't fast enough and so he managed to fire a single undodgable bullet which killed me.

The "Sinner" medal is particularly notorious to get. It requires you to go out of the way to explore and get Gomadi's commands(occasionally having to initially follow a command until it gets to the point where he asks you to kill yourself). It seems like you HAVE to get the blade (doesn't affect Pacifist ending), otherwise you won't be able to get the medal. This is because one of the commands is"don't fight", which is impossible if you don't have either the blade(enemies can survive 1 hit) or the gun(can 1-shot enemies). It is also pretty slow to play through to get all the endings and medals.

Fortunately, the gameplay itself wasn't the point - the story, message and thoughts it provoked based on the choices you as a player have made, along with its great aesthetics is what drives this game and what gave it such acclaim, and thus the flaws I mentioned above can largely be overlooked, helped by the relatively fast respawn times, unlimited lives and not being forced to re-unlock doors on death. At worst, it just feels slow to get through the game.

All in all, this is a great entry and I hope to see more games like this.

literally my favorite game in the entire site

Legitimately one of the best games I've ever played on here in terms of atmosphere, story, art, sound, and music.

Still freezes occasionally; however rarely.

not bad, i did finish the game :3
oh yea, the game did scared me a little xD

I seriously love the whole ambiance and aesthetic. I can't help but wonder how it would look with more detailed illustrations and animations, but that's not important. I must admit sometimes it gets stressful, and that's coming from somebody who has played it at least four times.